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::: Sari Brown and the Colortones :::

Wednesday, 29th July 2015
I write from the fierce and gracious Andean mountains, the artery vein of South America, to announce that I have not fallen off the face of the planet. I have, however, emerged blinking from an eight-year journey through the bewildering maze of higher education. I am now living in Bogotá, Colombia and beginning to discover my creative spirit again—or, as my brother calls it, my "crazy homeschool soul." ♦ I have been working quietly on some projects that I hope show the fruit of all these years of reflection and growth, even if my artistic chops are a little rusty. The first is a blog called Sensical Creatures. It is about the practice of paying very close attention to sensorial experience, and how when we do so the world is revealed as strikingly full of meaning. It is intended to be a collaborative writing forum that compares perceptions of the world across cultures, places and bodies, and to see what kind of richer insights we can come to through our diversity. I would be overjoyed if you, dear reader, would consider contributing. ♦ The second of my creative projects is to begin writing songs again. Not that I ever completely stopped, just as in my rebellious teenage phase I could not completely stop believing in God. Some things just stick with you. But I am now beginning in earnest to work on composing music that expresses something of the hope, despair, violence, revelations and love that I have lived and am living across two continents. I am going to begin sharing these songs on SoundCloud, so you can check back there or on my Facebook artist page for updates. ♦ I am at an exciting and terrifying point of trying to figure out how to integrate music into the rest of my life's work, and what the rest of my life's work even is, for that matter. We are currently accepting your comments, suggestions, complaints and prophetic revelations.

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Photo by Kim Johnson.